3 Reasons Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work

3 Reasons Why Affirmations Don’t Always Work


Using affirmations can be a very disheartening process for some people. Good use of affirmations is the building block for change as well as manifesting the things that you want. But what happens when you don’t enjoy doing affirmations or do the affirmations but don’t see results or you do the affirmations but you don’t believe or feel them at all?


These are three of the most common reasons why affirmations do not work for some people. Until you learn how to overcome these three issues, affirmations will cease to be a source of support for you.


1.) You Don’t Believe What You Are Saying

The primary use of affirmations is to build a new belief system or a new pattern within yourself. Affirmations are key to creating transformation in your external life.  However before you can make changes in your life you must first create the mindset for that change and this is where affirmations are an incredible component to shift your life.


Ridding yourself of negative patterns as well as negative beliefs is also something affirmations are great tool for. But what happens when you do not believe the affirmations you are saying?


Let’s imagine that you have chosen an affirmation such as I am now a millionaire. That statement may be far off from your present belief system. Every time you repeat the statement I am now a millionaire a host of other contradictory thoughts may pop up in your mind. You may find yourself saying, ‘but I don’t really have a million dollars, or I’m not sure if I could ever have a million dollars or how is it even possible that I could ever touch a million dollars.’


Those sorts of thoughts may completely crowd your mind. Instead of feeling closer to you having that million dollars you may find yourself feeling more impoverished, more frustrated and more doubtful than anything else. In such a case, the affirmations don’t serve you. If anything, they further help to remind you of what is not working in your life. Every time you say them, your mind delivers 5 or 10 contradictory thoughts, why what you are saying is nonsense. There are more thoughts against the affirmations so naturally the affirmations with your good intentions get drowned out by all the negative and limiting thoughts it triggers in your mind.


2.)  You Lack The Right Combination of Necessary Steps

There is a method for doing affirmations. To effectively use affirmations, you must carve out at least 20 to 30 minutes where you can repeat the affirmations so that they can build momentum in your mind. Each thought builds upon the other as you repeat them in that time frame. One other component to successfully using affirmations, beyond repetition alone, is to feel excited and to feel good and to feel the possibility of the affirmations coming true.


If you are in need of money, or support or a deep and meaningful change in your life you may be feeling very low on yourself. In those times it could be very difficult to do your affirmations with any meaningful feeling and excitement. How can you enjoy repeating statements such as, “I am abundant, and money comes to me daily, ” all while you are feeling frustrated, worried and sick out of your mind about your situation?


However that is a time when you absolutely must excite your senses with feelings of hopefulness that what you are a affirming will come to fruition.


One way to solve this issue is too flood your mind with as much information and content that what you desire is highly possible. The more inspiration you gather before doing the affirmations the more excited and hopefully you will become while doing the affirmations.


Seek to confirm to yourself that there is a way and a possibility for you, and if you do this you will find you are better able to feel the excitement and the joy and the hopefulness that should be associated with the affirmations you are repeating.


3.)  Its all About Timing

If you find it difficult carving out time in order for self reflection, prayer or meditation, then you will have a bit of a struggle dedicating the needed time for affirmations as well. You may even struggle with the idea of repeating the same statement for an extended period of time. It may get boring, you may even doubt if repetition will make it any stronger. Allow me to explain to you why timing is a crucial part of successful use of affirmations.


Whether you are aware of it and not every day you live in a field of energy. That field of energy is created by the Fabric of your thoughts and your feelings. The longer you think and feel a particular way the stronger that Fabric of energy is around your physical body. You attract not what you are just repeating, but what you have become as a magnet. So in order to create new circumstances you must dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes every single day until you create a new fabric of a higher frequency and higher thoughts and emotions which creates a new magnetic.


The more time you dedicate to repeating those affirmations the stronger that magnetic frequency in and around you becomes. When you have created a very strong magnetic force, what happens is that you begin to create what you desire quickly, easily and without lots of effort. What you want will naturally and effectively gravitate towards you because you will be a natural conductor for that item or thing because you have dedicated the time to creating that new magnetic frequency.


So as you can see the more time you dedicate to your affirmations the stronger you become and the more impact you will have in attracting the things that you desire.


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