3 Law of Attraction Practices to Begin Using Now

3 Law of Attraction Practices to Begin Using Now

It isn’t enough to know about the law of attraction. It isn’t enough to understand positive and negative thoughts. In order to fully master and integrate the law of attraction into your daily life there are certain methods or practices that must become a daily habit in your life in order to succeed with the law of attraction. We all want to be successful and there is no greater secret at this time than the practical and purposeful use of the law of attraction. The law of attraction has always been working in your life however the understanding and the knowledge of it may not have been there and so it worked but mainly against you or so it would seem.

If your goal at this time is to really get a handle on the everyday practical use of the law of attraction, then there are three things you need to apply to your life daily in order to reap a greater reward from your use of the law of attraction.

1.) The Building Blocks of Thought

The things we do the most are often the things we understand the least. Thought is the most basic aspect of our existence yet we don’t know nor understand anything about our own thoughts. Thought is the building block or the architect of our reality. Thought is infused by an energetic force which magnetizes to you the things that you focus on most. Without a deeper understanding of what thought is and how thought shapes and moves your very existence then you will struggle with the attraction process.

At the present time lots of people speak about the dynamics of positive and negative thought and this is where it all ends for most. However thought is so much greater than positive and negative, happy and sad. Thought is not only the architect of your reality, thought is also infused with a dynamic electrically infused energy and that energy has an impact on whether it creates or whether it destroys. In order to fully gain a deeper understanding of the law of attraction one must get a deep lesson on the fundamental structure which is thought.

2.) Documenting Your Thoughts

There is no greater study than the study of your very own thoughts and feelings. It’s often quite difficult for us to regulate our thoughts and our feelings. In a 24 hour period your thoughts and feelings may have shifted at least 20 to 30 times for the day. So it becomes very difficult to determine your predominant thought atmosphere. However when you journal you get to see the patterns in your thoughts and the patterns in your feelings. In that way you are better able to monitor what is really troubling you and what it is that is inspiring you.

Keeping a Journal and documenting your thoughts also help to get you in touch with your deeper feelings which reside at your subconscious level. Often times we have feelings very deep beneath the surface which could be causing havoc in our lives, without you understanding why things are not going well. In a case like this, you may seek out a hypnotherapist or you may seek out books to help you in understanding why your life is going the way that it is. However if you simply got yourself a journal and began to make it a daily practice, you would be amazed at how much you could learn about yourself at the deeper levels of mind.

Knowing yourself is the first step to not only consciously using the law of attraction but the main path to achieving success of any kind.

3.) Inspired Steps

Inspired action is always accompanied by the feelings of Joy and enthusiasm. How much of the choices you make are done out of pure obligation? How often have you felt deeply inspired to do something but chose a different path because you intellectualize your choice or you felt that it didn’t comply with what you feel obligated to do?

Inspiration and inspired action comes from living close to your inner self. The more time you spend journaling and reflecting on your life the better you become at understanding your thoughts and your feelings. This connection with your true inner thoughts and feelings connects you to your greater or higher self. This higher nature leads you and guides you into the perfect place, it leads you to the perfect people as well as the right circumstances, in order to achieve what it is you most desire.

When you live a life of action based purely on obligation you cut yourself off from that divine communication which leads and guides you into the perfect situation. How many times have you had the desire to change something in your life but no matter what you did nothing seems to change? In order for change to occur some form of action needs to happen. You cannot expect to take the same action, hang out in the same places, engaged the same activities that you normally do and expect change to occur. Some new action, new circumstance or a new environment must be engaged in order to attract something which is not already in your presence field of existence.

Steps to Take Now

Here is a practice that you can incorporate in your daily life; while it may seem simple it will grow naturally within you. It will become so effortless that you won’t need to think about it. Every decision that you make will be one that is imbued in inspired action. What you will experience then will be a life of right timing and lots of magical moments.

  • During several points in the day ask yourself: How am I feeling right now? What would make me feel amazing right now?
  • Whenever you are about to make a decision no matter how small, ask yourself which of the two choices makes me feel best?
  • When making a very important decision, all logic way try to rule your decision but once again ask your inner self, how does this feel? Which choice feels good inside and which choice makes me feel uneasy?

What you will find over time is that feeling which guides you to inspiration grows stronger and louder to where you don’t have to ask yourself any of those questions. You will find yourself waking up and choosing to take a different path to work, or calling someone you had not thought about only to discover they have what you need or you may find yourself on a path that brings you closer to what you desire most.


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