3 Covert Ways to Make The One You are Dating See You As The Best Catch

3 Covert Ways to Make The One You are Dating See You As The Best Catch

by Chris Hutchison

We all have dreams of being seen as a great catch or someone that our partner or date would perceive as the beat choice for them. Of course, being the “best” is all relative. Each person has their own standards for what they see as the best.

However, you can by pass all of their preconceived standards and place your stamp deep into their minds and consciousness where you are concerned.

Because human beings are wired in certain ways to accept certain things, anyone can use those ideals to persuade and influence those around them to see them as someone of great quality who posses those ideals. And, when it comes to rating yourself with a partner, you can surely shape their view of you, to see you as a great catch and someone of high quality that, they should not so easily let go off.


3 Stamps of a High Quality Catch


Choosing The Best For Yourself – It never serves you to always play humble. When you choose the best for yourself, you are in essence showing the other person that you value yourself and that you feel you are worthy.

When you second guess yourself and choose people, things, and circumstances that are on the lower end of things; it highly reflects on your standards.  Not only making you seem like a low-quality person with low standards, it impacts how those around you see you. 

Naturally if you choose low quality, you will be seen as low quality.

Look at your date or partner, look at their choices in life, to get an idea of their standard. Always go a bit higher than their standard but do so in a nonchalant way. Don’t make an issue of it, don’t do it with noise and drama, just choose what is of a higher quality.

Setting High Boundaries – Often when we think about boundaries, we think about locking others out. However, when you set boundaries you set the stage for how others should treat you. In order to set boundaries you have to know yourself. You have to have an idea of what negatively impacts you or what puts you down.

If your goal is to stand apart, then there are some things that are going to reduce you, make you seem average or less than you would like others to perceive you. Whenever you come upon any thing or behavior which lowers your worth, you must stamp it out immediately.

You let others around you know your boundaries by what you are willing to accept or not accept. This will force them to set you apart from the rest. When you create boundaries that not everyone is able to climb over then you unconsciously set your worth a lot high. Say a polite, no to anything which reduces you.

Walk away abruptly when ever something is said or done which lowers your worth.  Say, not one word, let your actions force them to immediately think of their actions and what transpired.  People learn from witnessing the situation.  Excess talking gives them a reason to argue their cause, even if their actions are offensive.  Say nothing, let your actions speak for you.

Self-Affirmations – How you talk about yourself speaks volumes. It’s great to choose a partner whom you can be vulnerable with.  Its good to be able to share your weaknesses. Being able to do so with a partner and feel comfortable is a sign of a good partnership.

However, what does not work, is to frequently let your partner know that you do not hold yourself in the highest of light. Speaking badly of yourself too frequently will influence your partners mindset against you.

If you focus on your flaws, you will highlight your flaws in their mind. On an unconscious level they will slowly begin to see you as less worthy, less valuable.

Being a bit vulnerable all while still being free and confident to  speaking highly about yourself is actually a good trait to have. You are in one sense shining light on your worth all while demonstrating a healthy balance and vulnerability.  


When you treat and rate yourself highly, you send off an unconscious signal to the mind of those around you that you are valuable. When a partner chooses you, it’s like choosing a prize. When you rate yourself low, they will eventually feel that they have gotten a low or unworthy prize.

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