2 Important Things The Secret Didn’t Teach You About Attracting What You Want

2 Important Things The Secret Didn’t Teach You About Attracting What You Want

The secret did an excellent job of introducing millions of people to the law of attraction. However while so many people around the world discovered that there was a force within their thoughts, strong enough to be able to magnetize them towards their desires, many people still struggle to attract the things that they want. Some people have said that it is inaccurate information. Some have even declared that the secret simply doesn’t work and that it’s all hocus pocus thinking. Those who were eager to believe in the power of the secret at some point find themselves questionnaire the truth of the secret.

What the secret, did was to simplify the process of attraction. The movie The Secret helped in introducing viewers to the magnetic force that is within their thinking and their words. However much deeper teaching needs to happen in order for a person to truly benefit from the law of attraction.

It is true that visualizing your ideal situation or circumstance could bring about that circumstance to you, but the process isn’t always a smooth and easy process of closing your eyes and waiting for what you desire to come. Even if you were successful in attracting something to you the time would eventually come where something that you deeply desired more than anything else, would seem difficult to attract in your life. When this happens, it will force you to become aware that there is something deeper to the process of attraction, something much more than wishing and hoping. The following keys are topics for deeper reflection on the attraction process.

You Do Not Attract What You Want

Have you ever realized that the more you want something the harder it is to get? We chase what we are not, we chase what is outside of ourselves. When you believe that something is outside of yourself or that something is hard to come by, this idea places you in a realm that keeps you disconnected from that very thing that you would want. As you visualize this thing which you desire, you may not realize that you are also visualizing the separation between you and the very thing that you desire. In essence, you are dreaming up the separation, further keeping you in the state of wanting and needing but never actually attracting what did you desire. The secret in this case is that you do not attract what you want, instead you attract what you become.

To become something would mean that you have merged with all of its essence, not just the idea of a thing. This is where so many go wrong. They assume that all that they need to do is to close the eyes, visualize, make a wish and that what they desire would come to them quickly. Instead, to maximize the attraction process, we have to immerse ourselves in a similar, if not the same energy of the thing we want to attract. We need to feel it, touch it, see it and do as many things as possible that will allow us to absorb as much of the energy as possible.

We absorb the energy of everything we have around us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. By willfully placing ourselves in an atmosphere similar to the thing we want, something magical happens to our own magnetic field. We become as the things we immerse our energy in. Through talking, reading, listening, engaging daily we absorb and become the same energy of what we are immerse it. 

The Second Key

When we visualize we are also adding to our magnetic field the similiar frequency to the thing we want to attract. We are tuning our frequency from within in order to match the frequency of the thing we desire. With that said, if a person has a weak magnetic field, attraction is much harder than someone who has a strong magnetic field.

Knowing what you want is only part of the story. One of your key goals should be to maintain a strong magnetic field, of high positive thoughts, feelings and inspiration.

It is much like a vehicle without fuel. We could have the fastest and newest model however if there is no fuel in the engine that vehicles simply won’t move. It’s like a man who comes home tired and exhausted after a long miserable day of work. He sits on his favorite chair closes his eyes and decides to visualize a better life and possibly winning a particular amount of money. He could do this every single day for the rest of that year and experience no changes, no signs or synchronicities that would possibly take him closer to that thing that he’s visualizing everyday.

What he may experience are close encounters of which may match his ideal story. He may see an ad with the exact figures to the amount of money he would like to attract.

He may see the numbers showing up everywhere, he may even experience stories that match the similar life experiences he’s hoping to attract. However none of these will lead him any closer to his own personal achievement.

Feeling fatigued and wade down mentally and emotionally has a huge impact in the amount of energy we are able to sustain. This energy is not just a physical energetic feeling, it is also a spiritual energy as well. When it is low because of being taxed and emotionally distressed, your ability to magnetize the things that you want becomes much more difficult. Think of your vision as the navigational system in a vehicle and the spiritual and physical energy representing the fuel needed for the vehicle to move towards its destination.

This is partly why visualization alone cannot work and why so many people find visualization and the message found in the secret, doubtful. One has got to merge with the energy of the things they desire first, so they can better align themselves with the right frequency of their desires. And, secondly one has to be energetically full. An empty tank cannot move forward, no matter how clear the directions, you need both.


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