Saturday, April 29th, 2017

You Can Manifest $5,000 Extra This Month… Here is How


First I would like to say that one month is a short time but long enough to be able to align yourself with the money that you want to manifest in your life. One of the biggest hindrances you may have is actual practical examples of how to manifest money. 


There is a really faulty concept about manifest and that is if you simply sit around and wait money will come to you.  This is not quite true.  It’s not impossible but few people have the mental strength or the understanding of how reality works in order to do this.  It takes learning one of the most powerful secrets and that is how to effectively enter the mind.


Most people are just at the preliminary level of visualization.  It’s that level where they aren’t even able to open their mental eye sufficiently enough to actually see with their mind’s eye far less the ability to mold and shape energy to manifest what they want. 


But, let’s go back to the possibility of manifesting money.  Where ever you are now in this moment, there is a source of money to be had.  The problem is that you are unaware of it.  Those who know how to manifest easily know how to do a mental scan of what they want. It’s a bit like using your mind like a metal detector so to speak.  Knowing where the source of what you want is located allows you to direct your energy towards that thing like a target.  If you are not directed then you are not in alignment.  That is one of the most important parts to manifesting money.  It’s what I show you how to do in the Magic Money eBook.


The Magic Money eBook is not a book of magical spells and wishful thinking although I do show you how to use the word like a magical spell.  What you do get is a clear and concise step by step process of how to use your psychic mind in ways that go beyond your circumstances so that you can seek out and literally pluck out what you want.  This is done in a step by step process.  It’s a formula that you will use again and again to achieve fast results.  They are the pieces of the puzzle that form the full picture.


So if you have the desire to manifest $5,000 before the month is over you can.  Everything you desire already exists.  It is only that lack of awareness which equates to your lack of alignment which prevents you from manifesting it.


Would you really like to learn the step by step formula that will change your life?

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2 Responses to “You Can Manifest $5,000 Extra This Month… Here is How”
  1. shuwu says:

    in the nut shell i have really like all the wonderful teachings o9f manifesting money, but sits so unfortunate that i still in the dark side of poverty !!!
    i mean aim still very very poor..
    i cant even find my self a decent ob for that matter,
    despite my eloquent, mind and sound thinking

    otherwise i find no purpose in life:

    Come to my rescue please, please, please.
    your loyal subscriber.
    Shuwu Alex
    East Africa.
    Tel; +256777272525


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